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Ritual's Pilates Level 1 Mat Course is a comprehensive training program that provides participants with a thorough understanding of the Pilates Method and the skills and preparation necessary to facilitate high calibre classes. Our graduates have gone on to teach at studios across Australia and are trained holistically to offer Pilates as a valuable and transformative practice for lifelong physical well-being.

Teaching Experience

Throughout the 6-days, participants will undertake a comprehensive training.

In-person & online

Study from anywhere via our online student learning portal

Holistic Education

Ritual graduates will graduate with the skills they need to teach empowering Pilates classes.

abouT the COURSE

Dive into a new career. Join us for our 6 Day Intensive Pilates Mat Instructor Course. There are no prerequisites for this course, we begin at the very start covering everything you will need to begin teaching Pilates. During the 6 Day intensive we focus on the practical application of the Pilates method and all of our students receive personalised education and training.

What happens during the 6 days?

Throughout the 6-days, participants will undertake comprehensive training in the Pilates method and come out the other end as knowledgeable and confident Pilates practitioners and instructors, able to teach dynamic group mat classes. Participants will learn everything from the cores and principles of the Pilates method, functional anatomy and physiology, intelligent exercise sequencing, technique, verbal and tactile cueing, breath work, along with business/entrepreneurship and WHS.

In person Dates:

  • 6 Contact Days - August 2024

  • Friday 16th - Sunday 18th August
  • Friday 23rd - Sunday 25th August


To receive your certificate in Pilates matwork instruction at Ritual, you will be required to complete the Pilates course curriculum. The curriculum consists of both practical and theoretical components. Your practical and theoretical components will be held in the first five days. Following that, you will have a further six months to complete your class observations and required class attendance.

First 6 Days

Your Pilates matwork training will run for 6-days. During this time, you are required to commit to the following contact hours and tasks:

✔️6 x Contact Days from 9am -5pm.

✔️Completion of all practical and theoretical assessments.

You will have a further 6 months to complete the following requirements:

✔️Attendance 50 x pilates mat classes at Ritual (included in training price)

✔️Observation of 10 x Pilates mat classes with a senior instructor

our philosophy

Pilates is a specific and integrative modality that is more than simply physical exercise. Pilates employs the entire body-mind system in the performance of technique, mindfulness and breath to give practitioners function and freedom in their bodies and minds At Ritual, we focus on empowering people through our classes and emphasise the importance of approaching health and wellbeing from more than just a physical level. As such, all of our trainees receive extensive training in Pilates philosophy and learn to instruct classes that utilise the classical Pilates principles. Ritual graduates will graduate with the skills they need to teach Pilates classes that leave their students feeling empowered by the holistic and integrative effects of Pilates

How do i become a teacher in australia?

In Australia, there are basically three routes to become a Pilates instructor:

1- A Certificate course (this course)

2- A Certificate IV in Pilates

3- A Diploma in Pilates

Note that while there are other certifications available, including a Bachelor of Science in Pilates and an Advanced Diploma, the top three are currently the most common. The fantastic news is that you can become a Pilates instructor in Australia by choosing any one of the three mentioned choices! The ideal solution for you will depend on a variety of criteria, including:

• how you prefer to study (format of learning)

• How soon you want to be qualified

• budget

RITUAL STUDIO is not an Australian Registered Training Organization at this time. The reason being that RITUAL does not want to offer a Certificate IV or Diploma in Pilates. In Australia, finishing a Certificate IV/Diploma programme as opposed to a certificate programme does not offer any significant advantages. An RTO course can last from 6 to 12 months and can cost between $4,000 and $5,000. We are aware that the majority of students need quick access to detailed and quality education so they can start teaching as soon as possible. Our studio seeks to deliver students with high-quality education that really explores the body's anatomy and physiology in a nurturing setting where they can feel confident to be competent to teach in a short amount of time.


Yes! You are qualified to work in Pilates studios, and allied Health clinics that offer Pilates sessions, independent gyms, major health clubs (if you also hold a Certificate III or IV in Fitness), or from your own home, a nearby park, or a town hall after completing your RITUAL Pilates Matwork course.

A Pilates Matwork Level 1 certificate is the minimum certification needed for the majority of businesses.

**If you want to work for one of the large gym chains, like Fitness First, they may, according to their internal employment criteria, require a minimum of a Certificate III or IV in Fitness to work at these gyms. This is because of an internal employment policy based on the companies insurance and internal legaliities, not because these organisations do not recognise a level 1 Pilates Matwork Certification from our studio.


No! Your certification has no expiry date!

Teaching faculty

Sophie Lamont

Sophie is the co-founder of Ritual, a mother of three young boys and a professional Pilates Instructor and Educator.

She has been practising the Pilates Method for 15 years and has been teaching for 10 years. She has over 8000hrs teaching experience and has numerous certifications some of with of the worlds leading Pilates schools.

She holds a Bachelor in Biomedical Science and uses her in-depth knowledge on anatomy and physiology to facilitate the anatomy and physiology modules for all of Ritual’s Instructor Trainings.

Her teaching repertoire covers everything from classical Pilates Matwork, Pilates Reformer and contemporary Pilates Mat and Barre classes.

Sophie’s approach on the Pilates course is friendly, fun and down to earth. She priorities building supportive relationships her students and is passionate about ensuring everyone receives a quality education in the Pilates Method along with the skills necessary to begin their journey teaching Pilates.

This course is for everyone

There are no prerequisites for Pilates Matwork instructor training. This is a level 1 Pilates Matwork Instructor Course and we begin at the beginning!

If you have some experience practising Pilates it is advantageous however not essential.






$226 per week

incurs a $150 admin fee!




start your journey

With over 100 graduates from around the world, we are proud of our alumni student base who we continue to work with and support in their studies and teaching.



Ever wanted to deepen your practice or become a teacher and are looking for the right training? Join us for an info session where all your questions and doubts will be addressed to help you make the right training decision.⁠

Quotation Mark

"The Pilates Mat Teacher Training at Ritual was an amazing experience. We were immersed in the philosophy, history, anatomy and physical practice of Pilates. It provides a holistic and comprehensive understanding of the classical Pilates method, grounded in modern science and contemporary understanding of the human body"

- Lauren Flannagan

Quotation Mark

“Sometimes the scariest part is actually enrolling, once you do, it’s a beautiful ride from there. The course has been such an important part of self- growth and personal development for me. Whether you wish to use the course for teaching or just to improve your own practice, I couldn’t recommend it high enough. Soph inspires you to be your best. I loved every minute of it".

- Millie Norman

Quotation Mark

3 WORDS.. GO FOR IT. Really, you wont regret it. If you feel drawn to Pilates and want to expand your knowledge, even if its just for your own personal practice, trust me you will learn a lot”.

-- Fernanda Olivera

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